About us

Megnajet is a rapidly expanding company located in Northamptonshire, England specialising in the design and manufacture of fluid delivery systems for inkjet printing and deposition.

Our product range caters for all print head types. Manufactured in house, units can be customised to suit fluid type and application. Our units give OEMs and integrators the ability to add reliable and precise industrialised fluid control functionality into their systems, making Megnajet an ideal choice for all testing, production and rapid development projects.

Megnajet has fluid delivery units integrated into a variety of industrial systems including:
– packaging machinery                      – narrow web label
– pharmaceutical manufacture        – medical packaging
– ink development                              – 3D object printing
– material deposition                         – textile and ceramic printing

Why choose Megnajet?

Light and compact
Our units are the smallest fully integrated ink systems on the market.

Easy to integrate
All you need are 3 mounting screws, a single 6mm line to the fluid bulk reservoir and a single data/power cable to get started, making integration both easy and fast. With simple text based command interfacing as standard, software integration couldn’t be easier. For ultimate ease of use, Windows GUI or .net DLL options are also available.

With a start up and settle time on the unit typically less than 2 seconds (where no heating of ink is required), all you need do is purge, wipe and start printing.

Feature rich

  • Integrated head shut off valves for head maintenance and instant isolation in power loss situations.
  • The integrated hydraulic meniscus measurement system automatically compensates the meniscus pressure within the head as fluid levels inside the integrated fluid reservoir change during usage.
  • Built in brushless air pump- no need for external air sources or vacuum pumps.
  • Integrated failsafe chamber with automatic shutdown and alarm to protect hardware from damage.
  • Available with ink temperature control up to 65°c ±1°C as standard.
  • Local, remote and software controlled purging available for ultimate customer ease of use.
  • Integrated head lock off valves give customers the ability to hard purge heads up to 1000 mbar as standard, making head maintenance simple and controllable.
  • All parameters are stored on the unit allowing for hostless operation.


For more information about Megnajet including example projects and general enquiries, please contact us using our reply form. We look forwards to hearing from you.