About Us

Design & Manufacture Industrial Ink Management Systems for Digital Inkjet

Started in 2010 Megnajet is a dynamic company with offices in Cambridge and Kettering in the United Kingdom, specialising in the design and manufacture of Industrial ink Management Systems for digital inkjet.

The Most Integrated and Compact Ink Management Systems on the Market

The Megnajet ink systems are the most integrated and compact ink systems in the market today, and we offer various options to customers to give them the fastest and most reliable routes to market, all our turnkey ink systems have built-in closed-loop controlled micro air pumps meaning no need for complex external vacuum sources or costly air compressors, they all offer automated head-lock off which hydraulically locks off the head in the event of an unexpected machine shutdown, this also allows the heads to be locked to allow hard purged from the integrated air pump to a user software set pressure of up to 1000mbar, giving the ability to easily recovery the head in the event of line outs due to blocked nozzles, The systems use our propriety design of hydraulic meniscus measurement system, ensuring static meniscus no matter what the level in the header tank is (especially critical when the tank is filling especially if high SG fluids are being used)

Digitally Controlled Ink Management Systems

Megnajet’s range of fully integratable digitally controlled ink management systems ensure OEM’s and integrators a faster more reliable route to market when developing with industrial inkjet print heads such as the Dimatix Samba, Starfire, Q-Class, Epson S1600, S3200, Konica Minolta 1024i, Kyocera KJ4, and other heads from Toshiba Tec, Xaar and Seiko such as the CF3, 1003 and RC1536. We also offer a range of controller only solutions and ink system consultancy were customers want to build own ink systems around their existing mechanical design or upgrade the current solution by using proven components to technically de-risk projects.

Simple Integration and Monitoring

From an integrator’s point of view, our entire range of products are extremely easy to integrate as once setup they are essentially standalone only requiring a PC or controller host to be present for monitoring or parameter changing, this means you only need 3 things to get printing, a bulk ink connection, 24v and an RS-422 data connection (this allows the setup and monitoring host to be up to 1000m away but also can be configured as multi-drop RS-485 so multiple ink systems can be controlled from a single data link! (i.e. CMYK), all the systems also use the same simple open-source serial control protocol meaning customers can easily integrate our equipment into their software and need only write one driver for all their machines (setup a serial port and send a CR terminated string to the unit) or if you want an easy life we do a UI!.
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