Archived News 2011

December 2011 … Megnajet Releases the Gravity Plus. Recirculation with gravity feed heads!!

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the rapidly expanding Megnajet CIMS product portfolio; The CIMS Gravity Plus. This unique design allows Gravity feed print heads (with exit port) to recirculation whilst printing! Ideal for print heads such as the Dimatix Polaris and Sapphire, Kyoceras KJ4, Konicas KM 512 and 1024 and the Xaars gravity feed range.

The Megnajet CIMS Gravity Plus reduces purge, clean and nozzle recovery times whilst saving ink and increasing print head run times. Ideal for OEMs, Integrators working with heavy pigmented or high value inks in Ceramics or Printed Electronic applications.

December 2011 – Generation 5 firmware released

The latest generation of firmware for the CIMS product range has now been released along with new upgraded version of the GUI controls, full onsite customer calibration is now supported as is flash upgrading of firmware with calibration and user data retention. The new firmware also has vastly improved control algorithms for dynamic pressure control in our CIMS Vortex systems along with additional controls for setting of preheat and bypass times, hard purging, head de-airing and system drain downs.

November 2011 – See CIMS at IMI Lisbon

Rob Harvey of AtomJet to represent Megnajet and show the latest Megnajet CIMS at the IMI conference in Lisbon 9th – 11th November 2011.

October 2011 Megnajet release new generation of CIMS family

The latest generation of the CIMS units have now been released with improved control software for added stability and increased features including automatic shutdown of heads on power down/ power loss of the system ensuring no loss of ink from the heads. The ability to hard purge the heads up to 0.4bar. Full RoHs compliance in manufacture easing OEMs certification process. New meniscus sensing strategy ensuring no matter what the fluid level in the tank the head meniscus remains static

For more information please view the updated data sheet under the products section or alternatively please contact us

September 2011 – Megnajet CIMS Power OEM Print engines At Label Expo

A new CMYK print engine was unveiled at label expo 2011 by KPG Europe, based on the Kyocera KJ4 print head and featuring four Megnajet CIMS ink systems. The Megnajet CIMS was chosen because of the compact and fully integrated design as well as Megnajet’s OEM engineering support, allowing for simple and most importantly reliable integration into this very compact print engine, aimed at retrofitting to existing narrow web label press systems to aid company’s in adding short run and variable data capability’s. More details on OEM print engines are available from KPG Europe or alternatively please contact us to discuss a specific OEM application of your own.