Archived News 2012

December 2012 … Automated head flushing and Degassing vacuum source options now available

We are pleased to announce two new modular options on all supporting Megnajet products: Automated direct print head flushing and or degassing vacuum source.

Automated direct print head flushing with pressures controlled from 100 – 1000mbar (depending on print head type maximum flush pressure is hardware restricted as to not damage the print heads). This option allows customers to flush their print heads in line with no disconnection of pipework.

We have also added a degassing vacuum source option to the CIMS range. This allows the customer to introduce to their systems a degassing membrane without the hassle of additional drive and power source or external pneumatic vacuum source.

Both the automated direct print head flush and degassing vacuum source can be retrofitted to existing systems should it be required.

December 2012 … Updated Megnajet User interface released

Based on customer feedback and the release of the version 7 firmware we have now released an updated version of the Megnajet user interface software this includes improved layout, additional user configurable security, configuration storage, support for multi dropped networked ink systems and the ability for OEMs to apply their own product branding and support page, existing users are advised to contact us if they would like to upgrade their current software.

November 2012 … Introducing the Megnajet LabJet Product

Megnajet are pleased to announce the addition of the LabJet to the MISC product range. This is basically an industrial ink system from a syringe, the product is aimed primarily at high cost materials deposition and ink development lab customers where there is a need to provide industrial level ink system control and functionality but, with a disposable low volume ink reservoir. Based on the MISC the LabJet product is supplied with software, leads and spare reservoir syringes, giving customers an out of box solution. As with the MISC optional inline heaters are available along with solenoid pinch or inline solenoid lock off valves allowing full hard purging, auto shut off and extension to automated head flushing to be added (a version is also planned for use with low flow recirculation heads such as the new Dimatix Starfire).

November 2012 … Release of the new Megnajet Integrator Series Meniscus Controllers

Megnajet are pleased to announce the addition of a whole new family of products to our portfolio the Megnajet Integrator Series Controllers (MISC for short), these series of controllers and accessories are fully modular and primarily aimed at OEMs looking to manufacture and integrate their own ink system designs into their products due to space or cost constraints, while looking to reduce or remove their technical risk by use of key critical control components. The MISC product is essentially the meniscus controller side of the CIMS with integrated air pump, control valves and, stainless hydraulic meniscus sensor, allowing pressure purging and access to the CIMS active meniscus control functionality, but without the fluid reservoir and mechanics of the CIMS. This allows OEMs to make savings in space and cost by supplying their own head reservoir and mechanical components and allowing the MISC to deal with all the technical control side. The units are available in different configurations with levels of functionality selectable on order from basic meniscus only control right through to levels of functionality available on the CIMS such as full tank level control, I/O extension and local or inline heater control. Sub components are also available for purchase with MISC products including chemical resistant pumps, in line heaters and heater controllers, chemical resistant lock off valves. Please contact us for further details

November 2012 … Generation 7 firmware released

A big update to the firmware has now after 2 months been released based on customer feedback as well as fixing as few “unique features”. New features have been added including multidrop networking, improved low pressure stability, separate hardware and software purge times, “push to start push to stop” purge control on hardware inputs, increased purge pressure ability, plus loads of other little tweaks!

January 2012 … Addition of the high Temperature range of products added

We are pleased to announce that we have added extended temperature versions of all the current products to the portfolio, this product is based on the current design and now allows customers though it’s 200watt temperature controlled aluminium frame the ability to work with fluids up to 110 degrees C . This is useful for customers in the printed electronics industries looking to print resists and masks where ambient high viscosity fluids need to be heated and controlled to allow jetting