Archived News 2013

December 2013 … New LabJet/MISC released

we have now released the new Megnajet ISC (integrator controller series) controller allowing for the release of the new LabJet system with improved stability, and functionality, the ISC now has functionality for improved purge control, closed loop heater control, along with control for our new degassing source and integrated flush module, for more information please contact enquiry@megnajet.com

December 2013 … We’re expanding!!

Megnajet is pleased to announce that due to increased sales and production we have now taken on another new member to the team, so we would like to welcome Pete who is coming in as a Production Logistics Engineer

November 2013 … Failsafe monitored Degas source

we are pleased to announce we are now able to supply degas sources with automated shut down and monitoring, in the event of a degas matrix failure, very quickly a degas vacuum system can become overcome by fluid, with hazardous fluid potentially getting into electronics and being atomised into the operator area, to counter this risk MegnaJet has released an integratable vacuum source with logic level control and capable of -750mbar with an integrated failsafe float chamber and automatic shutdown and warning alarm output, allowing monitoring and safe operation in unmonitored locations in a small and cost effective design, for more information please contact enquiry@megnajet.com

Coming early 2013 … Increased volume versions of the CIMS range of Ink delivery systems

Based on customer requests we are planning to release increased volume versions of all the CIMS range of products, allowing customers to generate larger print bars and improve system maintainability, this will increase the ink capacity of the CIMS to 150ml from the current 56ml. Additionally, the units will support the addition of up to 4 separate lock off valves allowing customers the ability to lock off single heads or blocks of heads for maintenance rather than having to purge the entire colour bar.

Coming January 2013 … Direct integration Component for use with Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) print electronics

We are pleased to announce that in collaboration with Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) we are to release an ink delivery system software component to allow the integration and direct control of Megnajet ink systems through the GIS Server and GUI components; this will allow customers of both companies additional ease in rapid to market solutions and simplified system software integration.