Archived News 2014

September 2014 … were finally moving!

As many of our customers will know, Megnajet has grown significantly over the past 12 months, as a result we are in the process of moving to a new premises a few hundred yards from our current location. Our new 1700 sqft building will allow us to take on additional production staff and increase production whilst maintaining high quality product to our customers

August 2014 … OEM services and components…

The market place is changing and everyone is trying to adapt, many of our customers our now trying to differentiate themselves in the market place by reducing costs and upscaling designs to more and more heads, whilst still maintaining maximum functionality. Our MISC range of networkable components offer our customers a simple route to reducing costs by manufacturing their own machined tank components, whilst still maintaining a high level of functionality and control with minimal technical risk, for more information on these products please contact enquiry@megnajet.com

August 2014 … New laser system

We are proud to announce we have just taken delivery of our new flatbed laser cutting system, this increases our in house capabilities further by giving us full control of gasket manufacturing in house making it simpler to produce standard and custom gaskets from customer supplied materials in future where required. (it also makes cool balsa wood dinosaurs for the kids!)

July 2014 … Updated UI now released…

In demand to customers we have released a new version of the Megnajet GUI software which features amongst other things the ability to swap between measurement units, you can now operate your ink systems in mmH2O, mbar, kPa and inH2O, customers requiring this free upgrade should mail support@megnajet.com

March 2014 … Update to Website

With the addition of all our new products, the web page was becoming a little out of date so has now had a few updates done to show new products, further updates will become active over the next few weeks…

March 2014 … New CIMS VORTEX II

We have now updated the CIMS Vortex to use the hybrid recirculation pump, new multicore electronics and an updated internal design to aid fluid mixing and flow, allowing customers to adopt the latest technological advances with low flow recirculating print heads, for more information please contact enquiry@megnajet.com

March 2014 … New aluminium tanked systems

Based on customer requests we have now released anodised aluminium versions of all our systems, allowing for improved thermal transfer of heat through to fluids, and potential increases in possible fluid temperature ranges, especially in recirculating and functional fluid systems to aid start up and stability, for more information please contact enquiry@megnajet.com

February 2014 … New Hybrid recirculation pump released

After much anticipation and following extensive customer trials with a variety of fluids we are finally releasing our new hybrid recirculation pump based systems. Available on both the CIMS Vortex II and the CIMS HVR, CIMS LCR systems. For more information please contact enquiry@megnajet.com

January 2014 … New CIMS LC released

Based on customer requests we are pleased to offer customers a lower cost solution the CIMS LC. The CIMS LC is based on our new updated Megnajet ISC controller, offering customers top end functionality for single head systems at a much more cost effective price, shipped as standard with basic functionality everything is now an add on, need heated fluid add it on!, need a degas vacuum source, that’s an option too!, need automated flush, yep you can add that. For more information please contact enquiry@megnajet.com

January 2014 … New CIMS HV released

After much anticipation and much redesign, we have now released the CIMs HV, allowing customers to generate larger print bars and improve system maintainability, the CIMS HV increases the ink capacity of the CIMS to 150ml from the current 56ml. Additionally, the units will support the addition of up to 4 separate lock off valves allowing customers the ability to lock off single heads or blocks of heads for maintenance rather than having to purge the entire fluid bar. For more information please contact enquiry@megnajet.com