Archived News 2015

November 2015… Windows 10 Support

The latest version of the user software has been fully tested with windows 10, customers already with download links may use these to download the latest version, if you require further support or a new link please contact support@megnajet.com

November 2015… Meet us at Printed Electronics USA

We are visiting printed electronics USA on the 18th November, if you are interested in meeting one of us at the show please e-mail enquiry@megnajet.com to arrange a meeting

October 2015… New Integration Partner in the United States

We are pleased to announce our partnership with ImageXpert who are now offering MegnaJet equipment as part of their JetXpert range of products to OEM’s and fluid manufacturers, for further details please visit their website at http://jetxpert.com or e-mail us at enquiry@megnajet.com

September 2015… New Firmware Release

We are pleased to announce a new released version of our firmware offering an even higher level of control and stability

August 2015 … Support Added for Ricoh Gen4 and Gen5 heads

We now fully support the Ricoh range of products

July 2015 … Remote Manifold System Released

We are pleased to announce we now are offering a remote manifold system as part of our range of product’s this manifold localises our sensor array’s and head lock off valves to the head and simplifies the use of our ink systems in dynamic stage applications by removing a lot of the weight from the carriage for further details please contact us at enquiry@megnajet.com

July 2015 … Updated CIMS II HFR released

After extensive work with our suppliers we are pleased to announce our new updated CIMS II HFR system aimed at the Xaar 1001, Xaar1002, Ricoh Gen4/Gen5 TF, Kyocera KJ4 Recirc, Seiko RC1536, Dimatix Samba for more information please contact us at enquiry@megnajet.com