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Turnkey compact fluid delivery systems

Megnajet is a rapidly expanding company located in Northamptonshire, England specialising in the design and manufacture of fluid delivery systems for inkjet printing and deposition.

Manufactured in house, units can be customised to suit fluid type and application.

Simplicity and proven reliability

Our units give OEMs and integrators the ability to add reliable and precise industrialised fluid control functionality into their systems, making Megnajet an ideal choice for all testing, production and rapid development projects.

For all our turnkey ink systems, the customer only needs to supply power, a PC and the ink or fluid. The simplisty and reliability of integration reduces technical overhead and risk.

Technical consultancy on fluid system design

For customers needing a more bespoke solution, Megnajet also offers technical consultancy on fluid system design coupled with a proven range of OEM networkable modules and controllers. Technical risk and time to market is lowered while still maintaining your own unique system design.

Caters for most industrial inkjet print heads

Our standard range of products caters for most industrial inkjet print heads in the market place today.
– End shooter print heads including Kyocera KJ4, Konica Minolta KM1024i and KM1800i, and Ricoh Gen4 and Gen5.
Low flow and medium flow recirculating print heads including Dimatix SG1024 Starfire and Dimatix Samba ranges.
– High flow print heads including Xaar 1003, TTEc CF1, the Seiko RC1536 and Ricoh Gen4 and Gen5TF range.


  • Customised solutions
  • Build & install
  • Formal discussion
  • Initial Discussion

When one of Megnajet’s standard products doesn’t fit your application, we are able to offer a customised or bespoke product. Drawing on our vast knowledge of fluid system design, we will work with you to design a solution to fit your application to give you the best and most reliable solution. This will be based on your specification, considering head type, fluid type and the system to which it will be installed.

Megnajet’s fluid delivery units are manufactured in house by a small team of experienced and skilled engineers. With a lead time of typically between 6 and 8 weeks after final design approval, OEMs can rely on a precision product to install quickly and easily into their main system.

Before completion of your purchase order, Megnajet will ask you to check fluid compatibility and negotiate any customisations. These may include the use of alternate body materials (eg FDA approved food grade acetal, aluminium, 316 stainless and PEEK); choice of gasket material (eg FKM, EPDM, Nitrile and FFKM); and customisations to user software.

Megnajet’s expertise and experience enables us to offer impartial advice to advise which of our products will suit your application.