Colour Cube Low Flow


The Megnajet Colour Cube fluid systems are designed as a highly compact system for use principally in CMYK single head width gravity head print engine applications where space is at a premium. Our latest member to join the popular LC range of products, the Colour Cube offers a feature rich design that allows OEMs and integrators the ability to add reliable industrialised fluid control functionality into their compact multi fluid designs, without losing the precision and advanced level of control expected by Megnajet’s customers. This is an ideal choice for production and rapid development projects where an integrated single unit can individually control 4 different fluids.

• Compact four fluid independently controlled chamber design.
• Robust industrialised self monitoring design for long term field reliability, including configurable auto shutdown protection which monitors for unexpected conditions and intelligently protects the system.
• Uses media isolated high compatibility diaphragm pumps and valves for extended service life.
• Available with built in brushless air pump for standalone operation, or our latest distributed pressure network (DPN) control system, which gives a more cost effective solution by use of a centralised remote banked air system.
• Integrated head shut off valves for head maintenance and instant isolation in power loss situations.
• Hard purge capability configurable up to 800 mbar as standard, making head maintenance simple and controllable.
• Integrated hydraulic meniscus measurement system automatically compensates the meniscus pressure as fluid levels inside the fluid reservoir change during usage.
• Options available to ensure fluid compatibility for all jettable fluid types including high viscosity fluids.
• Integrated failsafe chamber automatically shuts down the system on tank overfill due to setup or pipework failure.
• Low voltage 24V dc at as low as 1 amp (depending on attached accessories).
• Industrial grade galvanically isolated RS422 communications interface allowing setup and monitoring from any RS422 enabled device capable of generating ASCII strings such as PC, PLC, HMI or other embedded systems.
• Fully opto-isolated PLC compatible I/O interfacing for traditional systems monitoring.
• All parameters are stored on the device allowing for hostless operation.
• Simple open source ASCII interface (for PLC and motion controller interfacing) and .NET DLLs (with example code) available to allow OEMs simple and seamless integration into their end user applications.
• Fluid manager software with a feature rich GUI, which can be self branded.

Additional standard options

Degas vacuum source, external inline heater, developer interface cable kits (including comms adapter and external medical grade power supply).


Units can be customised to suit fluid type and application, including (but not limited to) additional fluid chambers, the use of alternate body materials (e.g. FDA approved food grade acetal and aluminium); choice of gasket material (e.g. peroxide cured EPDM and FFKM); and customisations to user software.