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Dissolved gas and micro bubbles in ink can significantly affect the speed and quality of printing. By interrupting droplet formation or pressurization at the ink head, dissolved gases can lead to improper jetting at the time of ink ejection. This can lead to poor image quality, and nozzle dropouts which can cause expensive shutdown of the equipment, and the need for more frequent cleaning.

Degassing ink with a membrane either during the reservoir fill cycle or prior to it reaching the print head is a simple process. The ink flows on one side of the membrane, while a vacuum is drawn on the other side. Gases dissolved in the ink readily transfer through the membrane to the vacuum side, leaving the ink degassed when it reached the outlet.


Basic Overview & Functionality


  • The Megnajet DGS is a degassing vacuum source for use with industry standard hollow fiber degass matrix’s the unit is capable of minimum of -780mbar gauge (220mbar absolute) vacuum and features
  • User replaceable failsafe chamber
  • 24vdc operation
  • Low current NPN remote on/off control for easy control system integration
  • Automated failsafe shutdown protecting your hardware and environment
  • 24vdc live status feed back (to detect shutdown)


This unit is available as a standalone module as well as integrated into Megnajet’s CIMS range of products.

Degass Matrix’s

Megnajet are unable to recommend any particular degas matrix product as there are specific details relating to different setups and fluid types therefore it is best contacting one of the following companies who will be best to advise you on the Matrix product to potentially use with our vacuum source: Liquicel (membrana) DIC MedArray

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