Longbar HFR


The Megnajet Longbar range of fluid delivery systems are designed as a more streamlined alternative to the HV range of products. It is available in a variety of lengths and outlet pitches to suit your head type and application, making it straight forwards for OEMs to scale and expand their solutions to meet customer’s requirements. The Longbar range of products all feature our standard hydraulic pressure management system (HPM), integrated precision heating, automated independent head isolation valves, and heavily industrialised design reducing the risk of fluid and dust ingress into the control system and connectors. A variety of options is available including low flow and high flow recirculation, as well as our latest distributed pressure network (DPN) control system, which gives a more cost effective solution in applications where multiple colour bars are being used by use of a centralised banked air system.

• Robust industrialised self monitoring design for long term field reliability, including configurable auto shutdown protection which monitors for unexpected conditions and intelligently protects the system.
• Uses media isolated high compatibility FFKM diaphragm pumps, valves and O-rings for extended service life.
• Available with built in brushless air pump for standalone, or our DPN pressure controller system for multi bar applications.
• Integrated independently controllable head shut off valves for head maintenance and instant isolation in power loss situations.
• Available in low flow (for use with Dimatix SG600 , SG1024 and gravity heads such as the Kyocera KJ4 and KM1024/1800i) and pressure feed (Xaar 1003, 2001, 5601, Seiko RC1536, Ricoh Gen 4/5, Toshiba TEC CFx and Kyocera KJ4) recirculation options for increased stability and uptime.
• Hard purge capability configurable up to 950 mbar, making head maintenance simple and controllable.
• Integrated hydraulic meniscus measurement system automatically compensates the meniscus pressure as fluid levels inside the fluid reservoir change during usage.
• Options available to ensure fluid compatibility for all jettable fluid types including high viscosity fluids.
• Integrated closed loop heating options allowing temperature control up to 65°C ±1°C on standard systems.
• Inline design simplifies integration with straight drop pipework.
• High materials compatibility thanks to its vertically manufactured design to reduce the number of fluid contacting seals (FDA materials options available).
• Low voltage 24V dc design making it compliant with SELV regulations when used with compliant power supply.
• Industrial grade galvanically isolated RS422 communications interface allowing setup and monitoring from any RS422 enabled device capable of generating ASCII strings such as PC, PLC, HMI or other embedded systems.
• Fully opto-isolated PLC compatible I/O interfacing for traditional systems monitoring.
• All parameters are stored on the device allowing for hostless operation.
• Simple open source ASCII interface (for PLC and motion controller interfacing) and .NET DLLs (with example code) available to allow OEMs simple and seamless integration into their end user applications.
• Fluid manager software with a feature rich GUI, which can be self branded.

Customised specification

This system is designed and built to application and as such will be subject to NRE on customer specification to ensure the best solution is supplied. The Longbar unit designs can be customised to include:
• Bar length dependent on head type and number of heads
• Number of isolation valves
• Recirculation type- low flow or high flow
• Pressure control system- DPN or air pump
• Fill pump speed- standard or high flow (for high laydown applications)
• Body material including FDA approved food grade acetal and aluminium
• Choice of gasket material including peroxide cured EPDM and FFKM