MISC Integrator Series Controller


The MISC system is aimed at integrators, OEMs and laboratories that are looking to update or add reliable industrialised ink/fluid control functionality into their existing systems without the headache of designing a costly, bespoke pressure control system.
MISC offers the fastest and most reliable route to market whether it be for updating existing outdated controls in an in-house built ink system or as part of a new OEM product.

• The MISC range of products are developed from the core functionality of the Megnajet CIMS (Compact Ink Management Systems).
• The MISC can be configured in various ways to suit individual customer requirements but all still deliver proven stable, reliable and industrialised meniscus control irrespective of header tank design, fluid level or tank location. Due to our integrated hydraulic fluid measurement system which automatically compensates the meniscus as fluid levels inside your reservoir as they change, all you need is a port at the base of your fluid reservoir and the system does the rest.
• The MISC is a fully integrated system. It has its own built-in 10k+ hour life brushless air pump, removing service life issues to integrators. This means that there is no need for costly external air sources or vacuum pumps. Head maintenance can be easily configured due to the system’s on board I/O to control external valves and it has the ability to pressure purge up to 950 mbar.
• The MISC is extremely compact with the smallest unit only 60mm x 45mm x 110mm when built in the basic configuration or 85mm x 45mm x 110mm if the integrated failsafe chamber is required (as pictured above).
• Industrial grade galvanically isolated RS422 communications interface allowing setup and monitoring from any RS422 enabled device capable of generating ASCII strings such as PC, PLC, HMI or other embedded system.
• Fully opto-isolated PLC compatible I/O interfacing for traditional systems monitoring.
• All parameters are stored on the device allowing for hostless operation.
• Simple open source ASCII interface (for PLC and motion controller interfacing) and .NET DLLs (with example code) available to allow OEMs simple and seamless integration into their end user applications.
• Fluid manager software with a feature rich GUI, which can be self branded.
• All you need to complete your system is a 24V 1 amp PSU and a RS422 connection for reliable, industrialised control via PC, PLC or head drive electronics (USB to RS422 adapters and power adapters can be supplied on request).
• Available in 250ml per min (for low pneumatic volume systems such as those based on syringes) and 1.5l per min air flow versions as standard and options to enable much larger airflow capacities (increases the unit size) on request, making the MISC ideal for integrating into your systems whatever their size.

Additional standard options

Developer interface cable kits (including comms adapter and external medical grade power supply).


The versatility of the MISC unit enables it to be integrated to match the precise requirements of the end user.