Remote Manifold

  • Why use a manifold ?

    The aim of the manifold is to allow localised pressure sensing and head porting close the print head to improve the performance and stability of your system, this is critical where long pipes are used or heads are mounted on dynamic elements like z axis slides and moving the entire inksystem is not practical.

About Megnajets range of manifolds

Megnajet are able to advise and offer a range of both standard and customised manifolds for use with our range of inksystem and controller products depending on the application, customisations can include everything from head control valves to integrated high power heaters for high temperature applications

Controlling the manifold

The manifolds are connected to the inksystem or controller via rs485 or boosted i2c network depending on the application, and once connected automatically transfer there calibrations across to the host controller making interconnection quick and simple. We are also able to offer all necessary cabling as required