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Since the companies formation we have focused on developing Compact Ink Delivery Systems (CIMS) with 2 things in mind, simplicity of integration to the customer and reliability. Manufactured in the UK, our range of turnkey CIMS and OEM modules for integration are all built on field proven technology, making us the company the world’s leading print head & fluid manufactures source from!.

Our standard range of products caters for most industrial inkjet print heads in the market place today (and some still yet to be released!); End shooter print heads such as the Kyocera KJ4, Konica Minolta KM512/ KM1024i, Ricoh Gen4, Gen5. Low flow and medium flow recirculating print heads such as the Dimatix SG1024 Starfire along with the brand new Dimatix Samba. High flow print heads such as the Xaar 1001, 1002, TTEc CF1 and the Seiko RC512, RC1536 to name but a few.

Typically we find the main criterion for our customers is simplicity and proven reliability. As with all our turnkey ink systems you only need to supply power, PC and the ink or fluid, give or take ½ an hour your head will be in a good state to start printing!. This gives you a shortened time to market, reduced technical overhead and risk along with reliability within your product through use of proven technology.

For customers taking things a step further and wanting their own design of ink system we also offer technical consultancy on ink system design coupled with a proven range of OEM networkable modules and controllers helping you to reduce again your technical risk and time to market whilst still maintaining your own unique system design.


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